Solving interface challenges for space conquest

The Challenge

Blue Frog Gaming had a sizable and devoted fanbase to its massive multiplayer strategy games. But, getting new players was challenging due to a very outdated and confusing appearance and interface. Combining tried and true gameplay with a new story, UI, and brand to engage new players was the goal.

My Role

I worked with the team and a select group of users to understand what the biggest priorities for a player would be. I took those findings and built menus and an overall interface. I also managed a team of 5 amazing artists, ensuring consistency and high quality for the game art and illustration.

What I Learned

Striking a balance between keeping existing players happy and appealing to rookies was challenging. Documenting functionality and gameplay rules with simple wireframes helped get everyone on the same page, and working with the game designer to detail interactions was helpful.


The game was active for several years, with a strong reception from players. Player retention and revenue per user (RPU) went up steadily as we refined the experience.